Couples and Sex Toys: Everything You Both Need to Know To Have An Amazing BDSM Experience

Being in a committed relationship has many rewards. You get to share experiences with someone you’re attracted to; you never have to worry about being alone; you always have a date for parties. However, there are some drawbacks I think we can all agree on.

For instance, being in a monogamous relationship sometimes makes a sex life turn stale. After several years of sleeping with the same person, you may become familiar with what your lover wants and needs in the bedroom. On the other hand, you both may become bored with one another and thus allow temptations to get the best of you.

Enter the solution: modern-day sex toys. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of innovative perverts, contemporary scientific advancements have ushered in some of the most interesting self-pleasure gadgets the world has ever seen. And considering the fact that sex toys have been around since the dawn of mankind, I’d say it’s about damn time.

What Is a Sex Toy?

Technically, any inanimate object that provides a person with sexual pleasure can be classified as a sex toy. In ancient Greece, men would use stale bread as jerk-off fodder, slapping on a little olive oil for lubrication. Before that, women fashioned dildos out of stone or chalk and God only knows what they used to lube up that monstrosity. What I’m saying is this: the definition of a sex toy is somewhat subjective.

With that said, legit sex toys are typically made from more skin-friendly materials such as silicone, latex, polycarbonate or TPE. They’re also significantly more high-tech, with luxury models having features such as Bluetooth compatibility, Sync Motion Technology, and Virtual Reality capabilities. Those features, albeit intimidating to the average Joe/Jane, are what have transformed modern-day sex toys from taboo tools of desperation to delectable devices of debauchery.

Are There Are Toys Designed Specifically for Couples?

Because of the unique design of some of the sex toys now available to the public, couples can now achieve a new kind of orgasm with a willing partner regardless of physical ability or proximity. Many of today’s toys are made to require little effort on the user’s part, meaning they’re almost fully automatic. Furthermore, the specific features mentioned above (Bluetooth, VR, Sync Motion) are all geared towards couples engaging in long-distance relationships.

With the right tools, it’s now possible to have real-time sexual experiences with someone halfway around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home. Interestingly, these futuristic devices make a good investment regardless of a person’s relationship status. You see, many couple’s sex toys are designed to accommodate a bad breakup, meaning that they sometimes include things like solo modes and online or downloadable porn content as well. Talk about getting you by in a pinch, eh?

The What Ifs

Navigating the wonderful world of couple’s sex toys can be infuriating or, in many cases, downright expensive. While there’s bound to be a little trial and error throughout the hunt for your ideal device, that doesn’t mean you should have to liquidate your assets to bust a decent nut. Am I right?

In my experience, preparation is key. Knowing what to expect can be very helpful when the almighty dollar is at stake. So, without further ado, let’s go over a few “what if” situations to help get you ready for the long-haul:

What If My Partner and I Are the Same Sex?

I have good news for all you LBGTQ rock stars: most of today’s couple’s toys are made in such a way they can work in unison with both their male and female counterparts. For instance, the Kiirro duo, Onyx (male) and Pearl (female), operate together via a Bluetooth connection whether that be two Onyxes, two Pearls, or a combination of both. They only thing they can’t do is make you a sandwich and perform in a threesome (but that’s probably coming next).

What If One of Us Doesn’t Have the Right Equipment?

That brings me to my next point: If both people don’t have compatible toys or the correct equipment, you can kiss that convenient, revolutionary orgasm goodbye. Seriously though, you’ll likely just have to stick with simpler sex toys that have couples-friendly features built right in. Either way, having the right stuff directly affects the pleasure you’ll derive from any modern-day sex toy you buy.

What If We Break Up and He/She Keeps Their Toy?

Considering the fact that many high-tech couple’s toys require a Bluetooth connection, one might question whether an ex can still access your online porn content or activate features on your toy from afar. The short answer: No, they can’t. The long answer: Err on the side of safety by changing your internet login information after you split.

# Ways to Get Your Partner on Board with the Sex Toy Thing

But let’s not talk about breakups at a time like this, especially not when there’s so much bumping and grinding left to do. Couple’s toys were invented to enhance the physical and emotional connection between lovers. Let’s all have a moment of silence for the people who still don’t understand that. . .

Having trouble convincing your partner that buying a couple’s sex toy is a good idea? I’ve got you covered. Check out some of my (hopefully) fail-proof tips and tricks below:

Find a Coupon on Discount Code to Lower the Price

If your reluctant lover is suffering from sticker shock (which is relatively normal), ease their mind by tracking down a discount code or coupon to knock back the dollar demons. Some manufacturers have regular sales or routinely offer incentives to people who subscribe to their newsletters or engage in product memberships.

Make It All About Them

Before agreeing to anything, most people want to know “What’s in it for me?” Although the appeal may be obvious to some, other folks may be taken aback by the terms “sex toy,” “vibrator,” or “dildo.” So, while changing the verbiage up a tad, also mention all the things that will benefit them and the relationship (besides a bunch of kick-ass orgasms, of course).

Promise to Keep It on the Low

Talk your lover into traipsing down the well-worn path of couple’s sex toys by informing him or her that a vast majority of manufacturers ship their products in unmarked boxes and are listed on bank statements as something innocuous. Furthermore, many toys are designed specifically to blend in with natural surroundings, while others come with discreet storage containers so nobody has to know about your dirty little habits.

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